806 Western Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Neighborhood History

Historic Homes

  • Beech Avenue
  • Galveston Avenue
  • N Lincoln Avenue
  • Western Avenue
  • Brighton Road
  • Owners

Most of the original residents of the houses that line Beech Avenue were merchants or owners of small firms and their middle-class families.

948-950 Beech Avenue (Front)


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Galveston Avenue developed as a desirable alternative to older sections of Allegheny City like the East and South Commons and lower Federal Street.

Following the 1858 subdivision of the rope walk property, North Lincoln Avenue developed as a mixture of middle-class housing and mansions.

Western Avenue developed as a somewhat unlikely mixture of mansions, homes of middle-class and working-class families, and small industrial sites.

Some of the Pittsburgh region’s wealthiest families constructed mansions on Ridge Avenue and Brighton Road.

Learn more about Carol Peterson, whose researched house histories provide the basis for this resource.

Special thanks to University of Pittsburgh Archives Service Center for digitizing hard copies of the house histories.