Historic Preservation

Allegheny West is one of twelve city historic districts in Pittsburgh. The neighborhood was designated as such in 1985. Because Allegheny West is a city historic district, all exterior work that is visible from a right of way, a street or an alley, needs a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA), and, depending on the type of project, possibly a building permit.

Get Started

Once you have a concept, idea or plan, check the Allegheny West Historic Guidelines to see if it fits – and then it is recommended that you contact the Local Review Committee (LRC), where you can get information on the process of applying for a CoA. You can contact the LRC via the chairperson, Carole Malakoff.

If your project fits the Historic Review Commission (HRC) guidelines, or is fairly simple or straightforward (such as painting), you may be able to get approval for a CoA “over the counter” Downtown. The specific person you will need to talk with is the the City Historic Preservation Planner.

However, if you are planning a more significant project, such as the replacement of windows or door, installation of a fence or a porch, you will need to have a hearing before the HRC. In this case, please contact the Local Review Committee first so that the can make recommendations and help you get through the process.