Becoming a Member

If you’re interested in becoming a member of AWCC please complete the membership application below. If you have any difficulty completing this form or if you do not receive confirmation that your application was received within 24 hours please contact Cathy Serventi at or at (412) 418-2027.

Types of Membership

Individual Membership

Anyone is at least 18 years old and is a resident and/or property owner in the neighborhood. Also eligible are sole proprietors of a business in the neighborhood, or who is a business partner in the neighborhood. No more than three partners from the same business may be eligible for membership. [Note: employees of businesses are not considered partners and are not eligible unless other criteria such as residency are met.]

Group Membership

Group members may include all recognized organizations in the neighborhood, who are of an educational, social, civic, religious, business, or fraternal nature; and organizations owning property in the neighborhood. Each organization may certify one voting delegate to represent themselves at Council. No delegate shall be allowed to represent two or more group members concurrently. If the representative of a group member is also an individual member, he or she may only have one vote.

Associate Membership

Any person, organization, or business establishment, located in close proximity to but not actually within the boundary of Allegheny West whose activities are closely aligned with those of Allegheny West than to the neighborhood in which they are geographically located. Associate memberships also includes public officials, and representatives of organizations whose activities could affect the welfare of our area. All associate members require the approval of the Executive Committee.

Friend of Allegheny West

Anyone applying for membership who does not meet the criteria for one of the categories of membership will be considered a Friend of Allegheny West. Friends are welcome to join in the activities of the neighborhood but are not eligible to vote at Council meetings or to hold office.

Are joint or family memberships available?

No. Each person/family member residing in Allegheny West is required to join and pay dues individually to be eligible to vote. If a business located in Allegheny West has more than one partner/owner then each partner must join and pay dues individually to be eligible.  No more than 3 partners from a single business are eligible to vote at individual Membership meetings.

Voting Eligibility

New members are eligible to vote at Membership meetings or hold office 30 days after AWCC has received your payment.

Annual dues are payable in January. Members paying dues after January will be eligible to vote 30 days after the date the payment was received. To be eligible to vote for Officers in November dues must be paid by the end of the October Membership meeting. If dues are paid after the September membership meeting, the member will be eligible to vote through December of the following year.

Paying your Dues

If you chose the PayPal option in the application above you may pay your dues here; a PayPal account is not required.  You may combine dues for multiple members, although each new member must fill out a separate application.  Please include the name of the member(s) with your payment in the space provided.

Term of Membership
Name of new member