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Residential Resources

Just moving to Allegheny West? Or maybe you’re a long-time resident doing renovations or moving to your next historic home project? To help you get settled into the neighborhood, we’ve collected some of the most vital information for the services you’ll want to get squared away here.

Amenities & Maintenance

Pittsburgh Parking Authority

With two Pittsburgh sports teams and other events spaces around Allegheny West, parking can be a bit tricky from the first day you arrive with your moving truck. You’ll want to get your neighborhood pass from the Parking Authority as soon as possible!

232 Boulevard of the Allies Residential Permit Parking

Resident Tips

Tickets on game days are $120.  Be sure to use those visitor passes!
Visitor passes can be issued online. Be sure to visit the Parking Authority website.
Variances are available for short notice move-in.  Call the office, if needed.
• If you have contractors working on your property, variances are available for them, too.
• The Parking Authority office is very busy in the Fall with students moving to Pittsburgh.


Those stopping by for a meal, visit to a local business or browse through one of our shops can take advantage of metered parking on Western, Galveston, Ridge Avenues or Brighton Road. Pay when you park in-person or via the Go Mobile PGH app.

Meter Locator Learn About the GoMobile App

Street Cleaning

Keeping your street – and the inside of your car – clean! Street sweeping vehicles will operate each year between April 1st and November 30th. Be aware of parking regulations related to cleaning.

Program Info

Resident Tips

• Most residential areas are classified Level 3, meaning streets will be cleaned once or twice per month.
Mind the street cleaning notices from April through November: fines are $40.
Fun fact: sometimes the city considers the Monday immediately before a month that starts on a Tuesday to be the “first” Monday. Set reminders!

Port Authority

The Port Authority of Allegheny County operates buses, light rail (the T), inclines and paratransit services for Pittsburgh’s residents.

Website & Trip Planner

The T

Allegheny West is one of few neighborhoods with its own “T” light rail station, making getting downtown easy – and free.

Allegheny Station


Allegheny West is serviced directly by the number 18 bus and can also be reached using the 13, 15, 16 and 17 that cover the Mexican War Streets.

Western Avenue Stop – #18 North Avenue Stop – #13, 15, 16 & 17

Bureau of Building Inspection

In Allegheny West, any exterior alterations to a building or property visible from the street will require an additional historic review process.  More information is available in our Historic Preservation section.

The Bureau of Building Inspection reviews, approves and issues permits to ensure the safe construction of all homes and businesses within the City of Pittsburgh.

200 Ross Street Residential Permits


The Code Enforcement Division responds to concerns about violations from citizens, other City Departments and outside agencies.  Reports are made via the 311 Non-Emergency Reporting system.

Senator Casey

311 – In Pittsburgh (412) 255-2175

Forestry Division

The Forestry Division of the Department of Public Works works to ensure the continued health and vitality of Pittsburgh’s street trees.

414 Grant Street Website

Ordering Trees

There are two options for getting city trees on your street. The first is asking the city to plant them for you by submitting a request form. The second is planting them yourself (based on a Recommended Species list) after receiving a request for permit form.

If the city plants a tree for you, you must grant permission for the creation of a 3’x10′ root zone, if necessary. If planting your own tree, you can apply for a waiver where sidewalk space is limited.

City Planting Request Form Plant Yourself Permit Form


TreeVitalize Pittsburgh is a new partnership dedicated to making a significant improvement in the region’s tree cover. They also offer Tree Tender public education courses.



The Forestry Division maintains a list of responsibilities for Investigation and Inspection of trees. You can request maintenance or removal of a tree via the 311 Non-Emergency Reporting service.

311 (412) 255-2175

Sidewalk Damage

The city regards sidewalk damage from existing or removed trees as the property owner’s responsibility to repair, though will reimburse at $4/sq ft under certain conditions.

Sidewalk Damage Claim

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Allegheny West is served by the Pittsburgh Police and is in Zone 1. Officers regularly attend Civic Council meetings and also provide regular crime reports that affect the neighborhood.

Learn More About Zone 1 Police

Get in touch with local officers, visit the station, discover more at their website or submit a discrete complaint of suspicious activities.

1501 Brighton Road Website Silent Complaint Form


Duquesne Light

Turning the lights on is going to be pretty high on your priority list: Allegheny West is serviced by Duquesne Light, who you can contact for new service, to change service, for renovations and to report outages.

Customer Service

Call customer service for new services, changes to your service, billing inquiries, renovation needs and other concerns.


Reporting Outages

Incidents involving downed wires get the highest priority and then essential facilities will have power restored.



Cable internet provider, Comcast, offers high speed connectivity, locals and cable television and telephone services. Their Double and Triple Play bundles are a great way to save money (though just internet is available for “cord-cutters”.)

300 Corliss Street Shop Services


Verizon offers telephone, FiOS TV and both FiOS and DSL internet services in Allegheny West. Learn more about their bundled offers and discounts on connectivity for customers with existing DirecTV satellite television services.

Shop Services Support Options


Satellite television from DirecTV is another great option for your viewing experience. Perfect for homeowners, DirecTV can also be installed at many rental units with landlord or property management company permission – just ask!

Shop Services

Peoples Natural Gas

Many of the Victorian homes in Allegheny West are heated with natural gas. Contact Peoples for information about starting your service or if there are leaks or heating disruptions.

Customer Service

Call customer service for new services, changes to your service, billing inquiries, renovation needs and other concerns.


Before You Dig

If you are going to be digging for a new addition or home renovation, be sure to call the PA One Call hotline to make sure there are no buried lines.



If you have a gas leak or other home heating/natural gas emergency, use this contact information. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

(800) 400-4271

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

Providing drinking water and sanitation services to the city of Pittsburgh, including storm water management and quality testing.

Customer Service

Turning water on/off, billing questions, general information and other inquiries should be directed to customer service.

1200 Penn Avenue (412) 255-2443 Website


Purchasing a water meter or applying for water or sewer taps? Call here.

(412) 255-2443


Water main breaks, service outages and sewer emergencies. Open 24/7.

(412) 255-2443

Department of Public Works

Pittsburgh offers free, curbside trash and recycling collection for all residents on a weekly and biweekly schedule. Allegheny West is in the Northern division of the city and operates on its schedule.

414 Grant Street Collection Schedules

Resident Tips

• Trash is collected Monday mornings. Trash should be placed curbside no earlier than 7:00 pm Sundays.
• Recycling is collected every other Monday morning. The 7:00 pm rule applies here, too.
• Recycling is single-stream (no sorting) and requires a blue bin or blue bags for materials.


The City of Pittsburgh subsidizes a twice-weekly option for electronics and household hazardous waste recycling at a drop-off site in the Strip District. Fees apply for most items and an appointment for drop-off must be made in advance.

3001 Railroad Street Schedule an Apptointment Current Fees