Neighborhood History

May 2017 marked the 55th anniversary of the Allegheny West Civic Council. While we look forward to another five decades of Pittsburgh’s smallest neighborhood, we’re also looking back at how this neighborhood came to be – not in the 1860s and 70s, but in the 1960s and 70s and right up to today. Learn about the people that have called – and do call – its tree-lined streets and historic houses home.

Neighbor Interviews

Recent History

Years after its time as a corner of Allegheny City, the modern history of Allegheny West gets its start in the Urban Renewal that swept through much of Pittsburgh. Though slated to be demolished in the name of progress, a committed band of residents fought to preserve both a link to the past and a timeless way of living. Learn about the interesting twists and turns of this story in the words of neighbor John DeSantis.

Historic Homes

842 Beech Avenue

843 Beech Avenue

849 Beech Avenue

851 Beech Avenue

858 Beech Avenue

908 Beech Avenue

912 Beech Avenue

935 Beech Avenue

948-950 Beech Avenue

705 Brighton Road

709 Brighton Road

719 Brighton Road

913 Brighton Road

812 Galveston Avenue

912 Galveston Avenue

835 N Lincoln Avenue

838 N Lincoln Avenue

840 N Lincoln Avenue

841 N Lincoln Avenue

842 N Lincoln Avenue

844 N Lincoln Avenue

845 N Lincoln Avenue

849 N Lincoln Avenue

852 N Lincoln Avenue

940 W North Avenue

836 Western Avenue

843 Western Avenue

939 Western Avenue

942 Western Avenue

944 Western Avenue

946 Western Avenue

Credits and Thanks

Learn more about Carol Peterson, whose researched house histories provide the basis for this resource.
Special thanks to University of Pittsburgh Archives Service Center for digitizing hard copies of the house histories and to Amy E Rustic for fielding many impromptu research questions.