I usually try and avoid general COME TO THE MEMBERSHIP meeting nagging, although it has become my standard response for folks that don’t like a position that the Civic Council has taken on a given issue. But I’m going to make an exception for this month, because:

  1. We’re electing new officers and it’s really, really important to have a quorum. If nothing else this is a chance to talk to the new Committee Chairs about all the great things you want to start doing and think the neighborhood should be supporting. Notice I didn’t suggest inundating the new folks with “feedback about what you think needs to be changed”. I don’t speak for everyone obviously. But speaking from personal experience, when I was a new Board member, that things which I felt I was most successful at were projects that people already wanted to work on that I could help get off the ground. Once folks get settled in, maybe they’ll be in a position to start hearing about how other folks think they should be spending their time. Maybe…but for right now I am hoping folks limit suggestions to things that you yourself are interested in working on right now (or soon). And just to be clear, I’m not saying that folks should stop giving us “heads up” about problems that need to be addressed, but please (please!) don’t scare the new board members away with an overwhelming number of suggestions for things that aren’t time sensitive before they even start.
  2. And if that weren’t enough, I finally managed to connect with the Permits, Building and Licensing Office for the City. They are sending their Government and Public Relation Liaison, Julie Reiland, to our meeting. They have some cool new technology that makes filing permits easier that she’s going to talk about. As well as generally covering information about the filing, reporting and enforcement process for building permits in the City.

So sorry to be a nag! Hope to see you there.

Catherine Serventi,
President, AWCC