Submitted by Nick Smerker

The Neighborhood History section of is finally online! The first 20 house histories that were graciously shared by our neighbors were digitized by Pitt’s Archives Service Center in early summer and work to turn them into web-friendly, interactive features on each home wrapped up just a few days ago. It’s possible now to view the histories by street and to delve into information about historical owners by family. We’ve also had each of the properties photographed from the street by Chris Siewers, so it’ll be easy for visitors to identify homes they are interested in on the fly.

Next steps will include shoring up the last of the linked supplementary materials, adding photos and other non-text materials from the histories and getting interior and detail shots of the homes.

Also still to come: this entire cache of histories will be joining the Historic Pittsburgh site when it re-launches this Fall. Thanks so much to everyone who’s shared their house history. If you have one and would like to get involved with the project, feel free to email or stop by the council office!