City of Asylum (2018)

NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania Presents

Stories That Heal


K. Rose Quayle

Wednesday, May 23rd
7:00 pm

Stories That Heal — presented by NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania — is a new monthly reading series that highlights local authors who live with and/or have a loved one who lives with mental health conditions. Their stories of lived experience promote empathy, foster resilience and uncover the truths about living with a mental health diagnosis.

K Rose Quayle

The second event in this series will feature K. Rose Quayle, who writes on the chaos of mental illness in a world that prizes order and self-control. First committed at the age of 15, she embraces bipolar disorder and delights in the humor of being crazy. In her spare time, she also writes a blog on 1980s nostalgia and is the author/illustrator of the Little Quail and Friends series.

Please join us as we celebrate Pittsburgh literature and fight stigma!

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