If you’d like to recognize a neighbor who went above-and-beyond for you or the neighborhood this month please send a note to abovebeyond@alleghenywest.org or give Cathy at call at (412) 418-2027 and, space allowing, we’ll recognize them in the Gazette.

Trish and Carol S. were spotted shoveling a neighbors sidewalk.

Michael must have done something really excellent in a former life, or last month, since his karma quotient was exceptional this month: he’d like to thank Eleanor for the gorgeous curtains and her sister Marcella for the help hanging them; he also appreciated the trip to Brenkle’s she and Deb organized to fill the donated concrete planters. Finally, as an awesome preview of the AW Tree Well Day, he was extremely touched by all the neighborly assistance for his spontaneous mum planting project.

Finally Carol R and John very much appreciated the kindness of the ladies from Motive, the new salon on Galveston.