Kiehnel and Elliott

The architectural firm that designed the 1918 remodeling of 840 North Lincoln Avenue was a partnership of Richard Kiehnel of 910 Jancey Street, Morningside, and John B. Elliott of 212 Amber Street in East Liberty. In 1918, Kiehnel and Elliott had offices at 245 Fourth Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Kiehnel and Elliott practiced architecture between 1906 and about 1929 (the firm was known as Kiehnel, Elliott and Chalfant beginning in 1926). The firm was founded in Pittsburgh and designed a number of buildings, including dwellings, here. The firm began receiving, commissions in south Florida by the early 1910s and opened an office in Miami in 1922.

Kiehnel and Elliott took advantage of rapid development in south Florida in the 1910s and 1920s and prepared plans for a number of significant buildings there. At least several of the south Florida buildings that Kiehnel and Elliott designed have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in part for their architectural significance.

Other work in and near Pittsburgh by Kiehnel and Elliott included the design of:

  • New Castle High School, circa 1907
  • the First National Bank of Pitcairn, circa 1910
  • the Central Turnverein, Oakland, 1911-1912
  • the Stengel House, 4136 Bigelow Boulevard, Schenley Farms, 1913
  • a carriage house at 1203 Murray Hill Avenue, Squirrel Hill, 1915
  • Greenfield School, Greenfield, designed in 1916 and built 1922-1923
  • 745 South Linden Avenue, Point Breeze, 1917
  • additions and alterations to 5300 Fifth Avenue, Shadyside, 1917
  • 5757 Wilkins Avenue, Squirrel Hill, 1917-1918
  • 1035 North Highland Avenue, Highland Park, 1917-1918
  • 1315 Cordova Road, Highland Park, 1717-1918
  • an apartment building at Centre and Aiken avenues, Shadyside, 1926-1927
  • Baxter School, Baxter Street, Homewood, 1937 (National Register of Historic Places)

Work in Florida by Kiehnel and Elliott, or by Richard Kiehnel in his own practice after 1930, included:

  • the United States Post Office and Court House, 110 NE First Avenue, 1912-1914 (NRHP)
  • “El Jardin”, 3747 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, a mansion for John Bindley, president of the Pittsburgh Steel Products Company and the Duquesne National Bank, 1918 (NRHP)
  • Coral Gables Elementary School, 105 Menorca Drive, 1923-1926 (NRHP)
  • the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, 1924
  • Coral Gables Congregational Church, 3010 DeSoto Boulevard, 1924 (NRHP)
  • the Coconut Grove Playhouse, 3500 Main Highway, Miami, 1926
  • houses in Miami Shores for the Shoreland Company, 1926-later (all NRHP)
    • 10108 NE First Avenue
    • 107 NE 96th Street
    • 121 NE 100th Street
    • 145 NE 95th Street
    • 257 NE 91st Street
    • 262 NE 96th Street
    • 273 NE 98th Street
    • 276 NE 98th Street
    • 310 NE 99th Street
    • 361 NE 97th Street
    • 384 NE 94th Street
    • 431 NE 94th Street
  • Miami Senior High School, 2450 SW First Street, 1927 (NRHP)
  • the Snell Arcade, St. Petersburg. 1928
  • the Riverside Methodist Church, Miami, 1938
  • the Surfside Park Homes, Miami, 1938-1941
  • buildings at Rollins College, Winter Park, 1930s-1941
    • Alumni House
    • the Annie Russell Theater
    • the Dyer Memorial Building
    • Fox Hall
    • Lucy Cross Hall
    • Strong Hall
    • Lyman Hall
    • Mayflower Hall
    • Pugsley Hall
    • Rollins Hall
    • the Student Center
  • the Second Church of Christ Scientist, Coconut Grove, 1940
  • the Concord Plaza Hotel, Miami, 1941
  • the President Madison Hotel, Miami Beach, 1941
  • a house at 3551 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, for Frank Semple of Pittsburgh