Interior and exterior renovations on the Willock House at 705 Brighton Road – Photos by Sara Sweeney

A treasure has been returned to our neighborhood, thanks to the team at Q Development, which acquired 705 Brighton Avenue — The Willock House — in 2014. In collaboration with the architects at Pfaffmann + Associates, the AWCC and furniture specialists at Weisshouse, Q has spent the last two years doing a historically-sensitive renovation of the house. Now, they’re looking to lease this single-family home to a long-term tenant who will appreciate the historic significance and architectural beauty of the home, while still appreciating modern amenities like a gym, a wine cellar and a full chef’s kitchen.

The 8,750 sq. ft. Willock House was built in 1891 for Alice Jones, daughter of steel magnate B.F. Jones (Jones & Laughlin), and her husband William Willock. B.F. Jones lived just a block away. Alice and William lived in the house for about a decade before moving to Sewickley. They maintained ownership of the house until their deaths in 1939.

During the 20th century, the house fell into disrepair. Many of the historical adornments were removed. In 2004, an ambitious renovation was started by Joe and Heidi Lawrence. The Lawrences were dedicated to the goal of returning the house to its glory. Q built upon this foundation to fully restore the house, as well as the three-story Carriage House, which was constructed in 1898. The Carriage House features a separate single family (unfurnished) residence.

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