The Allegheny West LRC is a group of residents in the AW City Historic District convened by the City Historic Review Commission to review exterior renovation projects, to help property owners manage the building permit process, and to provide our recommendations to the property owner, and the City Historic Review Commission.

Because Allegheny West is one of 13 city historic districts, all exterior work that is visible from a right-of-way, a street or alley, needs a Certificate of Appropriateness, and, depending on the type of project, possibly a building permit. Once you have a concept, idea, or plan, check the Allegheny West Historic Guidelines. These guidelines are posted on the City HRC site. If your project fits the guidelines or if it is fairly simple and straightforward, such as painting, you may be able to get approval for a Certificate of Appropriateness “over the counter” at 200 Ross Street, Downtown. The persons that you will need to contact for this are Sarah Quinn, 412-255-2243 or or Sharon Spooner,, the City Historic Planners.

However, if you are planning a more significant project, such as replacement of windows or doors, installation of a fence, porch, addition, or a garage, you will need to have a hearing before the Historic Review Commission. In the second instance, please contact us, your local committee. We will review your plans, make recommendations, and help you get through the process. To be put on the LRC’s agenda, contact Carole Malakoff,

Warning – Do not proceed with work without a building permit or a CofA! Property owners who have done so in the past have been cited by Building Inspection. Time and money had to be expended to resolve the situations, and projects were delayed.

More information about the Allegheny West City designation can be found on the City’s web-site under City Planning/HRC:

  • guidelines for our neighborhood
  • the other 13 historic districts
  • applications to apply for a Certificate of Appropriateness