Submitted by Dr. Stacy Lane 

My husband, Kevin Luffy, got a permit to close Galveston from Daunton Way to Buttercup Way, and the 800 and 900 blocks of Beech Avenue for Halloween again this year. As parents, with how crazy “Trick or Treat” is on our blocks, we feel it’s the safest thing to do to avoid a tragedy.

We are hoping that by alerting the neighborhood of the “Trick or Treat” street closing neighbors can prepare and be respectful.

“Trick or Treat” in Allegheny West draws a nice crowd of kids every year – a little over 200 kids to my house last year. I think it’s important to support the tradition that in many areas of the city has fallen to the way side due to poverty and lack of interest in family and such traditions.

It would be nice to see participation from all of our neighbors, and hopefully continue to make Allegheny West one of the best ”Trick or Treat” spots in the city! For few dollars in candy, you can put a smile on a hundred little faces. Grab a bottle of wine, sit on the stoop and enjoy!

As an aside, my policy is “no costume, no candy” and anyone over the age of 18 gets a number 2 pencil! I encourage everyone to adopt the same!