In an effort to not only preserve the fantastic house histories that were created by Carol Peterson but to update them for the digital era and make them available for the public, Allegheny West is embarking on a new project centered on our website. We are hoping to build out a really robust house histories/Before & After section of the Allegheny West website as materials arrive, and then to also explore putting together a walking tour that could include an interactive, mobile device-driven component. This will allow visitors (and residents!) to dig deeper into the homes around them and their long, glamorous pasts as well as the hard work that went into – and goes into – keeping them beautiful.

Neighbor and friend, Jim Wallace and webmaster, Nick Smerker are asking for anyone who has a house history (these are key), photos of their home or the neighborhood over the years, video recordings of folks talking about their homes or other interesting materials to get in touch via Nextdoor or directly at Hard copies of any materials can be dropped off at 806 Western Avenue. More information is available on our Website: www.