City of Asylum (2018)

Peter Evans & Levy Lorenzo

Wednesday, April 4th
8:00 pm

Electronic musician Levy Lorenzo and trumpeter Peter Evans play a mix of composed and free-structure pieces. Lorenzo’s brings a toolbox of self-built instruments, gongs, dry percussion, laptop and sound processing that he blends with Evans’ acoustic trumpet in a dialogue of noise, mystery, precision and chaos.

Peter Evans + Levy Lorenzo

“Peter Evans cast a deep and disorienting spell..defy[ing] the conventional limitations of the instrument, if not the laws of physics….superhuman precision and trailblazing technical vocabulary.”
The New York Times

Their music is an otherworldly shifting cloud of dense rhythmic frameworks, elaborate notated pieces, open improvisation, and weird drones. Together they experiment at the futuristic border of avant-garde jazz and new music. This is truly a sound like you’ve never heard! And won’t want to miss!

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