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Binds & Bonds

Sunday, December 20th
5:00 pm

How can we build the bonds necessary to transform the binds that hold us back?

Binds & Bonds, is a site specific installation exploring the somatic experience in response to trauma and healing. Created by Israel-born artist Dafna Rehavia, the work is a process developed as part of a 2020 residency at BOOM Concepts.

Binds & Bonds

This program is a new video work that walks audiences through the exhibit, and includes a live tour element with the artist. Also included is a collaborative dance piece featuring dancers Shana Simmons and Chezney Douglas. The movement experience creates a visceral and emotional reflection of the three responses to trauma: flight, fight, and freeze. Artwork and dance are bound together in unity demonstrating that through movement, healing begins.

Following the screening the artists will have a live virtual discussion with BOOM Concepts’ Darrell Kinsel and audience members.

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