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Midnight in Cairo by Raphael Cormack 

Live Reading and Conversation

Sunday, March 21
5:00 pm

Midnight in CairoJoin us for a live reading and conversation with award-winning author, Raphael Cormack. He’s joined by moderator Adham Hafetz, a contemporary theater director in Egypt, who will be debuting some performance clips throughout the program. 

Our Bookstore Manager, Lesley Rains, considered Midnight in Cairo to be one of her favorite books of 2020—one that brought her much joy in the early, confusing days of the pandemic. She says:

Midnight in Cairo is a rich and lively portrait of Cairo during the 1920s.  When we think of the Roaring ’20s, we often think of New York, London, and Paris. Cormack rightly reminds us to explore the thriving urban centers of non-western cities. Thanks to his impressive research and sharp writing, we now have a portrait of previously overlooked women who were both talented artists and successful businesswomen. Midnight in Cairo brims with life and will leave you wanting to know even more.”