Project -Logue

Workshops Begin August 2018
Exhibition Opens March 2019
Call Ends May 2018

PITTSBURGH, PA – -LOGUE is a Pittsburgh-based organization that promotes cultural exchange through artistic translation.

Through a series of art workshops from August 2018 through March 2019, -LOGUE will build a diverse network of translators, artists, and storytellers to tell the story of Pittsburgh – a story that can’t be fully understood without crossing language barriers. The stories and artworks created will be displayed in a multimedia, multilingual exhibit in March 2019. This project will prompt multicultural dialogue and raise awareness of Pittsburgh’s linguistic diversity.

If English is not your home language, -LOGUE wants to help you tell your story. They are also looking for artists and native-fluency English translators interested in cultural exchange, who will collaborate with storytellers to create multimedia, cross-cultural art. Final artforms will be displayed in -LOGUE’s March 2019 multilingual exhibit.

For more information and a chance to share stories, contact

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