City of Asylum (2018)

The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Presents

East Meets West:
Influences of China on U.S. Art

Thursday, January 24th
7:00 pm

Join musicians of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra for East Meets West: Influences of China on U.S. Art, a program celebrating the eclectic work of Chinese composer Qigang Chen and Chinese poet Huang Xiang.

Qigang Chen is one of the most performed living composers in the world. A teenager and musical prodigy during China’s Cultural Revolution, he spent three years imprisoned, undergoing an “ideological reeducation.” Yet in spite of censorship and anti-cultural policy, he pursued his training in composition both within and outside of China, eventually garnering world-wide acclaim.

PSO at CoA

Hosted by conductor Earl Lee, this program will feature PSO musicians Adam Liu (Cello), Ellen Chen-Livingston (Violin) and Rodrigo Ojeda (Piano) playing selections from composer Qiguang Chen’s repertoire. Lee will contextualize the program’s music with a discussion on Chen’s unique character, identity, and social activism–as well as on the Chinese influence on Western art.

A video montage will give audiences a glimpse into Huang Xiang’s life and work, the “publication” of House Poem, and how he has shaped COA into the organization it is today. Local writers Brandon Fury and Lori Beth Jones will interpret Huang Xiang’s poetry in English in a live performance so that audiences can enjoy the full scale of emotion evoked by his words.


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