On September 28th, the Christmas tour Kick Off meeting was held. Thank you to all who attended. Below is a summary of where we are at with the planning of the 2017 tour:


Currently we have 3 homes on the tour. We need 3 more. Please contact Carol Gomrick (carolgomrick@gmail.com) if you are interested in putting your house on the tour.

Tour Volunteers-lead Needed

Our fearless leader, Doug Sprague, will not be able to coordinate volunteers this year. We all wish him well on his new adventure! With Doug’s absence, we need a volunteer to help coordinate the docents and other ancillary volunteer openings. Please contact Carol if you’re willing to help, or if you know someone who is. We will be sending out a spreadsheet for signups.

Flyer Mailings

Trish Burton has offered to coordinate the flyer mailing activities. Tentative meeting to
address and send these out is Monday, November 6th. More details to come. Greg Coll will do the graphics and printing of the flyer. Thank you for your efforts, Greg and Trish!

Tickets, Emails and Website Updates

Cathy Serventi will get the website updated and the emails out to announce the event. I’m getting a lot of requests to purchase tickets already, so I’m sure we’ll have another great turnout this year. Thanks for all of your help, Cathy!

After Party

Tom Cihil and and John Engle are the organizers of this year’s after party. Thank you both for stepping up to do this. We now just need an after party venue!


We’re tentatively scheduling a ‘swag’ party at Cathy Serventi’s porch on Saturday, November 2nd. Tom Cihil and and John Engle will lead efforts to get these on the lamp posts. If you’re interested in volunteering to help with this, please let Carol know.

Administration (Permits, Etc)

Carol with work with Cathy to get these permits in place for the tour. There will be new banners for the tour homes this year.

Train Tours

Cecile Canales will be the contact person for the train tour volunteers.