Submitted by Ritsu Shimizu

All of our AW residents are cognizant of observing the Design Guidelines for the Allegheny West Historic District, enforced by the City’s Historic Review Commission. Perhaps what I am going to share with you might not be anything new, but it still strikes me how closely some people adhere to these guidelines. Here are the examples:

  • My new neighbor, Mr. Greg Kobulnicky, used the very old historically authentic mortars, a special order, of course, in restoration of his apartment building in the back of his residence. In fact, his mason even conferred with me (behind Greg’s back), saying, ”This old stuff wasn’t as strong as new one.”
  • Our AWCC Housing and Planning Committee Chair, Mr. Timothy Zinn, brought new life into my half-moon shaped, 147 year-old, third-floor attic window by using the Abatron products and also old glazing for window glass. Probably no one would notice if replaced by a window company’s product because of the location. Tim said pointing the restored window, “Here this window will live for another 100 years.”

Both of them carry out their work with scrupulous attention.