By Karen Beer

Lynsey Arch

Trainer and Pilates Teacher,
Lynsey Arch

You may remember that last month’s feature business was Motive Salon. Well, prior to Motive moving into the space, it had been occupied by Physique Rx’d, this month’s featured business. Owner Lynsey Arch had opened the studio in 2010 in the space on Galveston, but success quickly caused her to outgrow it. Now, the studio is just around the corner on Western. Once she saw the large, empty space at 835 Western, she knew it was the perfect venue for her classes and training sessions. “It needed some love, sweat, lots of paint, and hard work,” says Lynsey of the new studio. “But what a beauty she is now!”

Visitors to the studio receive personal attention. She wants to give fitness a personal feel, and to give our neighborhood a welcoming, community fitness experience: not what you get at a large, corporate gym. Lynsey offers group Pilates sessions, personal Pilates sessions, and basic dynamic personal training in the studio, as well as in-home personal training. A dancer since childhood, Lynsey suffered a debilitating back injury that kept her off her toes for a while in college, where she was pursuing a BA in Dance and Human Movement. She credits the practice of Pilates – defined by her as strength and stretch – for curing her injury. “Pilates saved my spine and pelvic alignment, and it prevented many injuries that come with dancing,” says Lynsey. Pilates helps strengthen and bring balance to both the body and the mind.

Clients agree Physique Rx’d offers a unique, individualized Pilates experience. Lynsey understands that her clients are coming in at all different fitness levels, and she doesn’t want them to feel the trepidation that often accompanies a new fitness experience. She offers undivided attention whether students are in group or individual sessions. “Everyone is on their own personal fitness level,” says Lynsey. “Anyone can perform the movement. My goal is to have no intimidation for anyone who walks through my door! I want you to feel like it’s your own personal class, even in a roomful of other students.”

Physique Rx’d’s website offers information on the classes and services offered. The studio also features different events, including a Pilates Day on April 1, sponsored by Lucy Active Wear and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and led by celebrity trainer Kit Rich. A Pilates for Hotties fundraiser class is being held on April 9 at 11:00 a.m., to raise funds for Lending Hearts, a charity that supports youth suffering from cancer and their families. Check out the studio’s website and the AWCC e-Newsletter to learn more about Lynsey’s events. But don’t wait for a special event – that new, more fit and energetic you can be found right around the corner! “It’s music to my ears when my students feel better and have more energy, confidence, and power in their everyday lives,” says Lynsey. “I feel it’s that time of day to give back to our bodies and take care of them.”

Physique Rx’d: 835 Western Ave
(724) 467-0524