Dr Martins and Howard HannaThis just make me happy! Well, finally closing on 928 Western probably helped too. While we were doing the paperwork finalize the sale, our new neighbor, Dr. Moshood Martins and I got to meet Mr. Howard Hanna the 90+ year old founder of the Howard Hanna Real Estate Company. (That’s their picture on the left.) I’d like to thank our realtor Mario Costanza, our attorney Josh Farber, and the AWDC board (Tim & Dan with Bob G. consulting) for guiding us through a complex process. Welcome Moe and Dr. James Worry (who purchased 930 Western earlier this year) when you see them around. I’m sure they’ll want the names of your contractors.

Also, just a reminder that the Nominating Committee will be presenting the slate and accepting nominations from the floor for the 2017 Board of Directors. In order to be eligible to vote your Membership dues must be paid for the current 2016 year by the end of the October Membership meeting. Dues paid after the September 2015 membership meeting count for this year. For the bargain price of $3 annual you get the privilege of formally voting for officers and motions at the monthly meetings or serving as Committee chairs (woo hoo!). If you’re not ready for that level of commitment, you are always welcome to attend meetings to participate in discussions (and block parties! And bowling & bocce! And volunteer on tours!).

Enclosed is a membership form that can be returned to the office or at the meeting with your payment or you can pay your dues online. We beg you, please (please!) don’t hand me or Bob three partially wadded up $1 bills at the Modern next week. It’s very stressful trying to remember who handed you those $3 when you find them in your pocket after you’ve run through the laundry a week later. (Ask me how I know.)

Finally, I’ll be traveling for work during next week’s membership meeting. Please be nice to Tim while he’s ably performing his duties as Vice President.

Cathy Serventi
President, AWCC