WE SOLD THE STABLES! Okay, just had to tell someone that before I started talking about the budget.

Also, THE WINE TOUR WAS A GREAT SUCCESS! Special thanks to our fearless leader, Carrie: the tour’s a huge a responsibility and she managed this one with grace and humor. OK, budget.

Well, actually, before the we get to the budget, at this month’s membership meeting we’ll also have a follow up from the Light of Life about the Ridge Avenue project. They’ll be asking us to take a formal position during upcoming zoning board hearings. Nick will also be giving us all an update on what happened to all those House Histories we’ve been collecting.

OK, budget. (Ssh…don’t tell anyone, but I don’t actually dislike talking about the budget; I love getting down into the nitty gritty of the numbers, and formatting spreadsheets is the height of zen for me, but I worry that people will think that I’m a little weird.) This month we’re hoping to finalize the budget for the next fiscal year (July 16 – June 17). In order for us to have a binding vote, we really need to reach quorum, so please come, at least for a little while if you can. The Board has some recommendations beyond the initial draft budget we presented last month, such as:

  • request for a scanner/copier for the office
  • additional funds for Calvary for sidewalk repair
  • funds for board training, especially around financial planning now that we’ve sold most of our income- producing property (Have I mentioned that WE SOLD THE STABLES?)

I’m always happy to discuss specifics with folks and do my best to represent a wide range of opinions at the meeting – but I can’t stress enough – that attending the meetings and participating in the discussion and vote are really the only way to ensure that your opinions are taken into account. (If Allegheny West were a state, we would so be a caucus state – and that will be the only election humor I can trust myself with.) See you all Tuesday!

Catherine Serventi
President, AWCC