So, once again, I’m expecting people to start pretending that they didn’t see me and walking quickly down the street when I wave at them at the Modern. It’s that time year again…

The Nominating Committee is on the prowl for next year’s Board members.

Ha. I bet you were expecting me to say something about the Christmas tour, because, yes, it’s that time again, too. I’m not the one you have to run from for the House tour. I know that Doug (Guides), Cecile (Trains), and Brandon (Greeters) are armed with their links to the volunteer spreadsheets. If you have your heart set on a specific time or task, you can send a quick note to and we’ll get you hooked up with the right person. Also keep an eye out for Trish (Ways & Means Chair) who has long checklists of tasks and endless details that she really could use a hand with. (Seriously, be nice to Trish, this time in the Tour planning is crazy making. I hear she likes lemon flavored things.) Speaking of…does anyone have a truck we could borrow?

OK, back to Nominating Committee. Joking aside, a lot of time and thought by the Nominating Committee goes into matching people’s skills, interests, and available time to the various Board positions. We need a mix of new folks for their valuable fresh perspectives and people who have served previously so that we can maintain institutional memory (because, honestly you only go back and read previous years’ minutes when you really, really have to…). These positions have important responsibilities attached to them, that can potentially affect the quality of life of everyone in the neighborhood so we’re not just looking for a warm body. If you think that any of the Board positions sound interesting, I encourage you to talk with me, or even better, the chair of the committee you’re interested in. One of the main jobs of every Board member is recruiting their replacement, so I’m sure they’d be happy to chat. At this point we’re already planning for the 2017 Board, so you have plenty of time, to sample some of the different positions but helping out on various projects. OK, maybe folks are totally justified avoiding me at parties.

Quick Buhl grant update: We had an awesome turnout for the first session during the last membership
meeting (and I got my hands on one of the giant maps.) Martha has submitted the grant application and
we’re waiting for feedback. If you’re interested in reading the application including a summary of the ideas discussed, let me know and I’ll send it to you. As soon as the tour stuff calms down, I’m going to ask Nick, our webmaster, to help me get some of the various materials up on the website, accessible for anyone who is interested.

Catherine Serventi
President, AWCC