“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”

 – John F. Kennedy

Impossibly, here we are in November with the holiday season on the horizon.  The year 2020 has already delivered a lot of tumult, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. I truly hope that, despite the challenges and uneasiness around us, that everyone is able to find some moments of calm, much to be thankful for, and many joyful celebrations over the remaining weeks of this year. 

The Allegheny West Civic Council has had to adapt to the events of 2020 – conducting virtual meetings, cancelling the summer Wine and Garden Tour and the Victorian Christmas House Tour, as well as our neighborhood picnics on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day.  The business of AWCC, however, continues largely uninterrupted and I would like to stop and thank a few people who have made that possible: 

  • Karen Beer edits and then manages the printing and distribution of the Allegheny West Gazette every month. 
  • Trish Burton compiles the e-Newsletter and delivers it weekly to our inboxes, sometimes more when necessary. Trish also made sure the flower baskets on Western Ave were hung, watered, and paid for this past summer. 
  • Cathy Serventi, as AWCC Treasurer, makes sure our bills are paid on time and our accounts are in order.  
  • Sara Beck Sweeney posts pictures on the AWCC Instagram account (@alleghenywest_pgh). Also, as Sergeant-at-Arms, Sara will be Chief Judge of AWCC Elections.

Karen, Trish, Cathy and Sara join a long line of Allegheny West women who give of their precious time to get things done with no drama or fanfare. If you see them around, say thanks! (At a safe social distance of course.)

Iris and Desmond Adams also deserve a big thank you for making a positive difference in our lives.  Every Wednesday since April they have hosted a Zoom Dance Party, picking a theme matched with 15 minutes of music. They sing and dance, and make us forget everything we’re worried about – anyone who has joined and danced along understands what a gift that 15 minutes is. (Their parents, Dan and Gretchen, might also deserve a thank you for pulling this off every week!)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, and because being thankful makes us happy, we will take some time at the November 10th Membership Meeting to say thanks. Everyone is encouraged to think of something someone in the neighborhood has done that deserves a thank-you and share it with the rest of us.

Finally, (finally!) the Allegheny West Civic Council Election is on Tuesday, November 10th. An overview of the voting process and the plan to communicate voting updates is outlined in this issue of the Gazette. Please participate in the vote and join the Membership call on the 10th to hear the election results. Note, because of the election, the meeting starts at 8:00 pm instead of 7:30 pm.

Ann Gilligan
President, AWCC