Press close bare-bosom’d night — press close magnetic nourishing night!
Night of south winds — night of the large few stars!
Still nodding night — mad naked summer night.

– Walt Whitman; Song of Myself

I hope you are enjoying your mad, naked summer nights as much as I.  I also hope you enjoyed the first Allegheny West block party, on Memorial Day.  We had a great turnout, and I think a good time was had by all.  Our next block party will be on Independence Day, which falls on July 4 this year.  Mark it on your calendars, s’il vous plait.  Tim Zinn will be e-mailing out an announcement, with additional details, in a few weeks.

AWCC has started collecting donations for the Northside Food Pantry.  You many have seen the collection table at the Memorial Day party.  We intend to do this at all the block parties this year.  While in-kind donations are gratefully accepted, we encourage you to give money.  The reason for this is that the Food Pantry has the ability to purchase food at much lower prices than the average person can.  So, they can stretch your food dollar much farther than you can.  Also, they are not seeking non-food items, other than paper products like toilet tissue.  The Food Pantry is, obviously, a very worthy cause, and we’d like to raise a large donation on behalf of Allegheny West.  You needn’t wait for a block party to donate, either: simply send your check, made payable to “Northside Common Ministries”, to Cathy Serventi at the AWCC office, which is now 806 Western Avenue.

Finally, we have two new neighbors at 808 Western: Jeb Jungwirth and Alissa Martin.  I met them at the closing of the sale of 808, and they seem like very nice people indeed.  So, please welcome them to Allegheny West when you meet them.


Bob Griewahn
President, AWCC