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The Ruins of Western Pennsylvania

Matthew Christopher
Author and Photographer

Tuesday, October 13
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Fee: $5

This lecture will be held via ZOOM conference. Click here to get your ticket and RSVP.

Author and photographer Matthew Christopher, presents a journey through some of western Pennsylvania’s most fascinating ruins— from a haunting abandoned prison to the remains of the neighborhood of Lincoln Way and beyond. Join us as we explore the fascinating stories of how these places were left behind and separate fact from fiction when it comes to their past.

Allegheny Jail Photo

About the presenter: Matthew Christopher has had an interest in abandoned sites since he was a child, but started documenting them a decade ago while researching the decline of the state hospital system. His two books, Abandoned America: Dismantling the Dream, and Abandoned America: The Age of Consequences, and his website, also titled Abandoned America, have chronicled the stories of modern ruins across the United States and gained international attention. He has recently expanded his scope to document abandoned locations across the globe.