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Keep Quiet: The Struggle for Democratic Change in The Congo

Monday, June 27
7:00 pm

In October 2015, a few months before the end of his final constitutional term, General Denis Sassou Nguesso—President of the Republic of Congo—decided to change the constitution to enable his running for another term. After 18 years in power. 

Keep Quiet is a feature length documentary film chronicling the struggle of journalists and pro-democracy advocates in their fight against the constitutional change and in favor of democracy in the Republic of Congo. 

Following the release of this film, director, and producer Aunel Arneth was persecuted in the Republic of Congo and Senegal. As a result, he went into exile in the United States where he is currently a visiting scholar at the Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh and sponsored by the Artist Protection Fund (APF). 

This program contains violent materials and may be unsuitable for certain audiences. Parental discretion is advised.