Submitted by Mary Callison 

The largest event for July has already happened! The 4th of July Block Party occurred last Saturday with possibly the best weather I can remember for the event. Also, I was thrilled with the number of neighbors who helped with setting up and cleaning up the party. It was very much appreciated. As usual special thanks to: Howard Brokenbek (and his truck), Gloria Rayman (her brother John and her large vehicle) for bringing all the tables and supplies from the office. Because the weather has been so rainy, the council decided to buy two large easy to put up tents. John Burton purchased the tents and had them on site for several men of the neighborhood to show off their construction skills. Thankfully we did not need them for rain but it was still nice to have shade over the food tables. Special thanks to Doug Lucas and the use of Calvary’s kitchen, to Linda Iannotta for fixing the turkey breasts and John, Tom, Scott and Devin for fixing ribs.

Neighborhood Mixer will be at Giorgio’s on July 17th, it is a BYOB and you can order from the menu. Time is 6:30 pm, but any time after is fine!

We are still trying to play Bocce each week on Thursday evenings starting at 6:30 pm. We play until it begins to get dark, so if you cannot come ‘till 7 or 7:30 it will be fine. Turnout to play has been very small, so if there is no interest in playing let me know.