Officers and Elections

1984 Original

  1. The officers of the Council shall shall be President, Vice-President,
 Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms.
  2. Nominations shall be made by a Nominating Committee of five members, to be elected at the Annual Meeting to serve for one year. This committee shall present a single slate of candidates for the position of officers and standing committee chairmen (see Article VIII) at least one month preceding the annual meeting. Prior agreement and consent to serve in the indicated positions if elected shall have been obtained by the Nominating Committee from all persons whose names are submitted. Nominations from the floor may be made, provided that consent and
 agreement to serve if elected have been obtained prior to, or during, the meeting.
  3. A vacancy occurring in an office before the time of regular elections shall be filled after thirty days notice of such an election to the membership. Election 
shall proceed by nomination from the floor.
  4. Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote. Only individual members in good standing shall be eligible to become officers or standing 
committee chairmen in the Council.
  5. Voting for officers shall be by secret ballot, except that if there be only one nomination for any office at the close of the nominations, voting for that office may be by acclamation.