The Community Development team is celebrating National Community Development Week April 1-5!

National Community Development (NCD) Week is an opportunity for our team to spotlight how our partners use Federal funds to benefit low- and moderate-income City of Pittsburgh residents.

Watch a City Council proclamation showcasing Public Service Grant recipients, learn more about Neighborhood Economic Development in the Manchester neighborhood, attend an open house event, and share your thoughts on how Federal funds should be used!

Proclamation: Tuesday April 2

City Council President Lavelle will read a proclamation recognizing the work our Public Service Grant recipients carry out across the City. Each district has selected an organization to highlight. Watch the proclamation on City Channel at 10:00 Tuesday April 2.

Project Tour: Wednesday April 3

Manchester Citizen’s Council, recipient of the Neighborhood Economic Development Capacity Building grant, is leading a tour for elected officials. The tour will feature a number of neighborhood partners, and allow City and Federal officials a chance to see these Federal funds in action.

Open House: Thursday April 4

Join local municipalities and City partners to learn about how Federal funds get used in an equitable manner. Opening remarks at 10:00 AM, followed by time for visitors to speak directly to City departments, authorities, and partners about their grant-funded projects.

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