Last year, GTECH worked with One Northside to complete a comprehensive survey of cultural, environmental, transit and entertainment assets in the Northside. A group of student researchers walked down every street in the Northside, interviewed over 300 residents, attended dozens of community meetings, and ultimately collected information about 1800 assets. A map of those assets can be found at

Now, the Buhl Foundation has asked GTECH to start the initial planning phases for a trail that would connect all 18 Northside neighborhoods and feature some of those 1800 assets. Such a project would focus on One Northside’s Quality of Place goals, including creating safe connections between neighborhoods, beautification and placemaking, enhancement of existing assets and the promotion of the Northside as a hub for arts and culture. That said, the purpose of the trail would be to both improve pedestrian and bike infrastructure for those living in the Northside, connect the neighborhoods to each other, and to make the Northside an inviting place for visitors. Funding for the actual design and implementation of the project would come from the Buhl Foundation, federal grants and other sources yet to be determined. We are currently attending community meetings to inform neighborhoods about the project, and to see who is interested in being more involved in the planning process.