Jazz Poetry Month 2016
Direct from Russia & Estonia


8:00 pm on both Friday, September 30th & Saturday, October 1st

2 Completely Different Concerts + 2 Different Sets of Poets

The Jaak Sooäär Trio with Alexey Kruglov is the first international jazz group ever invited to perform during Jazz Poetry Month Their performances in Pittsburgh will be their first U.S. performances ever, and they are coming directly to Pittsburgh from Estonia and Russia just for Jazz Poetry.

When I first heard Alexey Kruglov and the Jaak Sooäär Trio performing as “The Mighty Five,” I had never heard anything like it. The invisible fifth member of the group is actually a panoply of classical Russian composers who they have translated into jazz. I can’t describe the sheer exhilaration of what they do to “The Great Gates of Kiev” and how it lifts you into a euphoria.

I then began to listen to their other work and discovered just how versatile they were. They play in an entirely different register in recordings like “Military Spaces,” which has an extraterrestrial feel. So when we invited them, we asked them to play for several nights in each of these styles.

– Henry Reese

Reserve tickets for both nights and hear 2 different concerts.

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