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Presented with RealTime Interventions and 
Rusted Radishes, Beirut’s Literary & Arts Journal

From Pittsburgh to Beirut

Wednesday, June 9
7:00 pm

How can a literary journal survive when a country’s economic free-fall makes paper impossible to buy?  

Tune in for a Pittsburgh-meets-Beirut event that celebrates of music, literature, and paper. This program is organized to support Rusted Radishes, the pre-eminent literary & arts journal of Beirut, whose upcoming issue “Money,” explores (and is hindered by) the extreme economic trauma in Lebanon. 

Pittsburgh to Beirut

The evening also spotlights RealTime Intervention’s upcoming virtual show The Birth of Paper. A work written in Pittsburgh and performed live from Beirut that honors the postal service as an ancient, global technology of connection. 

Featuring readings, spells, melodies, literature, and paper arts, this is an evening of literary collaborations and connections from across the globe. 

Artists and performances live from Pittsburgh and Beirut, including Celeste Gainey, Crystal Woodling, Nur Turkmani, Patricia Ward, Milia Ayache, and Rima Rantisi.