Mechanics of a Legend

JH: Mechanics of a Legend

Part of the CSA Performance Series
April 2 | 8PM

Uncover the Human Behind the Legend…

The legend of John Henry, the only African American tall tale, is based on the story of a real man. JH: Mechanics of a Legend melds the language of mechanics, century-old ballads, and primary historical records into a theatrical experience that explores the legend of John Henry.

Local artists join forces with Anya Martin of Hiawatha Project to measure the myth, the man, and the machine, revealing a poetic and dangerous truth inside the machinations of history, rooted in the economics of slavery.

You’re Invited…

Thanks to the generous support of the Buhl Foundation, Northside residents are invited to attend JH: Mechanics of a Legend for free. A limited number of tickets are available online. Reserve your seat today!

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