City of Asylum (2017)

Sembène – The Film & Art Festival Presents

Come Back, Africa

Thursday, August 10th
7:00 pm

“A heroic film… a film of terrible beauty, of the ongoing life it captured and of the spirit embodied by Rogosin and his fellow artists.” — Martin Scorsese

Come Back, Africa chronicles the life of Zachariah – a black South African living under the rule of the harsh apartheid government in 1959, and one of the hundreds of thousands of Africans forced each year off the land and into the gold mines.

Come Back, Africa

Shot in secret in order to portray the true conditions of life in South Africa at that time, the film contains a cast of non-professional actors improvising their own real dialogue from a framework of loose plot points. Come Back, Africa experienced censorship worldwide, and many of the actors in the film left the country after the film was made.

After the screening, Sabira Bushra of Sembène – The Film & Arts Festival will lead an optional Q&A discussion about the history and themes of the film.

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Did you know that there is a restaurant in City of Asylum @ Alphabet City? During these events, Alphabet City will be set up so that you can have dinner during the event (or simply order drinks).

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