Allegheny West Civic Council proudly announces our 2017 Neighbor of the Year, Dr Daniel Strinkoski. Dr. Dan, as he is fondly known, is a resident and business owner on Western Avenue in Allegheny West. Since moving to the neighborhood in 2003, Dr. Dan has taken on the litter problem with determination and enthusiasm.

Every morning throughout the year, and frequently on breaks during the day, Dr. Dan walks Western Avenue, Allegheny Avenue and Brighton Road, greeting neighbors and picking up litter. His beautiful smile and friendly nature brighten the day for everyone he encounters. On street cleaning days, Dr. Dan coordinates his walk with Elmer, the city maintenance crew driver, and uses a blower to push litter into the street so Elmer can sweep it up – on EVERY street in Allegheny West. Dr. Dan is on his 4th blower in the time he’s lived in Allegheny West. As Dr. Dan says, because of the stadiums, the Marathon and our proximity to downtown, “We probably get more visitors than any other neighborhood in Pittsburgh and our neighborhood needs to be clean and welcoming to our visitors.” His pride in Allegheny West is contagious.

In addition to his work keeping the streets of Allegheny West looking pristine, Dr. Dan also participates in the PennDot Adopt a Highway program and is responsible for maintaining a parcel of land by the entrance/exit to I-279, near Allegheny and Ridge Avenues. You can often spot Dr. Dan mowing that highly visible plot, which is above and beyond normal responsibilities of the program but is typical of our Neighbor of the Year. We are so lucky that Dr. Dan decided to live and work in our neighborhood and every day he makes it a better place.