A Brand New World

Part of the New Hazlett CSA Performance Series
Thursday, February 11 | 8PM

The Community Supported Art performance series continues on Thursday, February 11 at 8PM with Ricardo Iamuuri’s A BRAND NEW WORLD: kill the artist. As Northside community members, we’d like to offer you a special discount to this new show.

You are invited to Cool World, where nothing is hotter than being cool, and creativity is packaged and sold for anyone to buy. One man challenges this reality, and now he must stand trial for his incendiary acts of arson. You are the witnesses, the judges, and the jury. The fate of this Wildfire Man rests in your hands.

Ricardo Iamuuri has created a six-part sound composition featuring foley art, timed events, and a visual score. Each object onstage carries an instrumental element, and field recordings and audio clips are woven throughout to sustain the narrative. The performance element adds yet another layer that engages the audience directly.

Special $15 Tickets for Northsiders

Coupon Code: NorthsideCSA
Use this coupon code at check out to apply the discount.
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