City of Asylum (2018)

Cowboys & Frenchmen

Sunday, December 2nd
6:00 pm

NYC-based quintet Cowboys & Frenchmen returns to Alphabet City to present their unusual take on instrumentation, orchestration, and composition for the jazz quintet. Their front line of two alto saxophones plays loose with the role of horns, in an inclusive post-bop style that seamlessly crosses the classic American song book with blues and improvisation.

“jazz that is fresh and defies easy categorizing, and offers rewarding listening” — Cadence Magazine

Cowboys & Frenchmen

The band is comprised of five adventurous musicians: Owen Broder on alto sax, clarinet and bass clarinet, Ethan Helm on alto sax, flute and clarinet, Chris Ziemba on piano, Ethan O’Reilly on bass, and Matt Honor on drums.

The inspiration for the band’s quirky name is a short Western by David Lynch called “The Cowboy and The Frenchmen.” Like the film, this quintet’s music has one foot firmly planted in a genre, while the other foot is busy trying to kick down the genre’s door.


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