Location: Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, 1815 Metropolitan Street
Date: Thursday July 28th
Time: 6-8:00pm
Event Link: HERE

Celebrating a Legacy: A Collection of Works by Women of Visions Inc. runs from July 5th through August 5th A public reception is scheduled for July 28th from 6-8:00pm. This event is free and open to the public.

Celebrating a Legacy is a collection of works by members of Women of Visions Inc., a non profit organization dedicated to the artwork created by women of the African diaspora.

Each work of art nurtures the roots of their heritage and captures their collective experiences on canvas, fiber, paper, and other media. The exhibition features the work of twenty four artists whose art has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Lynne Barrow
Jo-Anne Bates
Ruth Bedeian
Christine Bethea
Tina Brewer
Richena Brockinson
Brenda Brown
Delores Currin
Elizabeth Asche Douglas
Celeta Hickman
Mayota Hill
Annette Jackson

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Marica Jackson
Charlotte Ka
LaVerne Kemp
Christiane Leach
Gail Manker
Mary Martin
Harriette Meriwether
Njaimeh Njie
Altha Pittrell
Adrienne Powers
Ruth Richardson
Ruth Ward


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