City of Asylum (2020)

A Ferrante Fête

Conversation with translator Ann Goldstein
and publisher Michael Reynolds

Tuesday, November 10
6:00 pm

Elena Ferrante — the nom de plume of an anonymous Italian writer — was named one of TIME Magazine‘s most influential people in 2016 and is frequently touted as a future Nobel Prize-winner. The author of the acclaimed My Brilliant Friend, recently adapted for an HBO series, Elena Ferrante has become one of the world’s most read and beloved writers — and yet, know one knows her true identity.

Elena Ferrante Event

Fans of Elena Ferrante are also, unknowingly or not, fans of her English translator Ann Goldstein. So, in celebration of the most recent novel, the NY Times best selling The Lying Life of Adults, Ann Goldstein and Michael Reynolds join us in conversation. They will discuss Ferrante’s collection, and the difficulties and rewards of interpreting literature of English-speaking readers. This program is like a masterclass in Elena Ferrante from the two people responsible for bringing her work to the US.

The Lying Life of Adults is a gripping, totally unforgettable novel about the transition from childhood to adolescence to adulthood. It is a gorgeous book and we hope you join us on Tuesday evening to dig in.