City of Asylum (2018)

ReelQ Presents

Play the Devil

Monday, July 23rd
7:00 pm

Gregory, a gifted working-class teenager from Paramin, stars in a play that brings him to the attention of James, an affluent businessman. The two men strike an uncanny friendship as James takes Greg under his wing, pushing him to discover himself professionally, creatively, and intimately.

Play the Devil

“A powerful sense of place deepens a simple melodrama in Play the Devil… In a provincial setting where homosexuality apparently is still stigmatized and closeted, the writer-director effectively uses the primal intensity of Carnival rituals to express a tragic dissonance.” — The Hollywood Reporter

However, Greg’s poverty allows James to exert enormous pressures on Greg by paying his way into his family life. Their ultimate confrontation begs the question: “When we give, how often is it entirely altruistic?”

Set against the backdrop of Trinidad and Tobago’s mystical Carnival, Play The Devil shatters conventions of sexuality, masculinity, morality and individuality through its unapologetic multi-layered explorations of power dynamics, religion and aspirations.

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