Calvary United Methodist Church
June 20th from 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Please join us as we view the Tiffany windows in the height of their glory during the Summer Solstice. The evening will be accompanied by chamber music.

The Tiffany Windows

Louis Comfort Tiffany changed the physics of making stained glass in America by re-creating the medieval techniques of using solid stained glass instead of painting on glass to create glass designs. He added additional techniques of twisting the glass to get new colors, throwing confetti made of glass onto molten glass, and sandwiching up to five pieces of glass behind each other in a single composition.

And here in the North Side of Pittsburgh, we have Tiffany’s three largest windows executed between 1894-95. At the summer solstice, light through the magnificent window is at its peak during the year. Due to the physics of refraction, Tiffany’s layered glass changes colors only when the sun comes through at unique angles, such as on Solstice.

Contact: Linda Urlich