City of Asylum (2018)

ReelQ Presents

America in Transition

Sunday, March 31st
2:00 pm

In honor of Trans Day of Visibility, ReelQ presents a screening of “Where is my Refuge,” episode 4 of the award-winning Sundance documentary series America in Transition. This screening will be followed by a Skype discussion and Q&A lead by the subject of the documentary episode, Nina Chaubal.

America in Transition

America in Transition is an award-winning, Sundance-backed documentary series exploring relationships, family and social issues with trans people of color across the United States. Each episode explores one person’s story in depth, tackling intersectional issues such as HIV criminalization, living as trans in the South, family acceptance, trans exclusion from the military and immigrant detention.

Episode 4: “Where Is My Refuge” follows the story of Nina. After growing up misunderstood in India, Nina fell in love with another trans woman in the Bay. Together, they built a suicide hotline by road-triping across small town America and connecting with thousands of trans people. But her life changed in an instant. When Arizona authorities stopped her for being brown, they then refused to release her insisting that her marriage – and therefore her immigration status – was invalid. In the month since her detention, Nina’s been caught in legal limbo, afraid she’ll be forced to leave the country where she’s saved so many lives.

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