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Automating Art: The Good & Bad of
Technology in Art Making

Tuesday, May 3
7:00 pm

Join us for a lively cross-disciplinary conversation that questions the rising influence of AI and autonomy on the art world. This is the second installment of Art & AI lectures from CMU hosted at City of Asylum, following a rousing discussion of ethics and creativity in November 2021. You will have a unique opportunity to ask questions from experts at the top of their field.

West World

Experts from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon — a worldwide leader in AI — will explore the intersection of technology and creative practices like CGI & autotune, and debate their impacts on music, art, and literature. Learn more.

Featured Panelists: 

Eunsu Kang is an artist, a researcher, and an educator who explores the intersection of art and machine learning as well as the possibility of creative AI. Her works currently focus on the nascent area of AI art. She also co-founded the Women+ Art AI collective.

Richard Randall is a musician, activist, and professor at the Carnegie Mellon University, School of Music. He has published in the areas of musicology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and media and cultural studies. He created and co-directed the Pittonkatonk May Day Brass BBQ from 2014-2017. As a performer, he leads the experimental electroacoustic group, Bombici.

Garth Zeglin is a roboticist, artist, and educator with the IDeATe (Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology) program at Carnegie Mellon University. He teaches interdisciplinary design and technology practice, bringing together students from across departments to create robots and interactive machines.

This program is presented in ongoing partnership with the K&L Gates Endowment for Ethics Computational Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University.

Run time: 75 minutes + panel