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Creating Make a Joyful Noize

Thursday, October 28th
6:30 pm

Are you in need of some joy? Of course you are, so tune in virtually on Thursday, October 28 to live a moment of joy through a multi-disciplinary feast for the eyes, ears, and soul.

Enjoy this therapeutic film which follows the creation of Make A Joyful Noize (MAJN). Commissioned by Carnegie Hall as part of its 125 Commission Project, Make A Joyful Noize is a multimedia universe that blends music, film, interviews, spoken word and dance to capture the visceral, contagious and unapologetic energy of black joy. Joy gives us a reason to live, even when it seems life has forsaken us. Black joy is entertainment, therapy, self-love and salvation. It is the force that allows us to still laugh and love. It is a special magic that sets the world on fire. MAJN presents the majesty of black joy through spirit, pain, resistance and love as a healing force for transformation. The visual and musical curation is unfiltered and unapologetic Black joy—a special kind of healing and magic that sets the world on fire.

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The Black Transformative Arts Network, addresses the goals of uniting Africana Children, increasing the visibility of Africana Arts and Arts Educators in Pittsburgh, healing and building Africana knowledge, power and networks for participants and community.

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