In July 2020, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy started the first of several projects to reconstruct the historic North Promenade–the prominent walkway that runs parallel to North Avenue–within Allegheny Commons Park. The complete project scope, along with frequent construction updates, can be found online at

As part of the reconstruction of a beloved and much-used park, the Parks Conservancy is pleased to offer the opportunity to dedicate a bench within Allegheny Commons Park . Bench dedications are a great way to honor, memorialize, or pay tribute to family, friends, an anniversary, a special moment or a group/organization. The bench dedication project is limited to the Allegheny Commons North Promenade stretching from Federal Street to and around the Northeast Fountain.

Details regarding the bench dedication project in Allegheny Commons are as follows:

  1. Bench dedications include a 2.5” high by 8” wide bronze plaque that will feature a custom dedication message (to be approved and produced by Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy).
  2. Donors will be able to approve a digital proof of the final plaque.
  3. It will take approximately four to six weeks after the donation has been received for the plaque installation.
  4. The donation to dedicate a plaque also includes three years of maintenance.
  5. Benches 1 – 9, located around the fountain, are available for a $3,000 donation. Benches 10 – 18, located along the Promenade, are available for a $1,500 donation.