Airbnb Party | 934 W North Avenue | March 24, 2023

On March 24, 2023 Pittsburgh Police responded to a house alarm at 934 W North Avenue. This occurred around 11:30 pm.  There was a large gathering of young people attending a party. Upon the officers’ arrival, the attendees spilled into the street, running from the police . A large group was found hiding in the courtyard of Emmanuel Episcopal Church. The police response to this event was significant.
According to a responding officer, the police were dispatched because they received an alert from the security system, when whoever entered the property did not properly disable the house alarm. The owners of the property could not be reached. Activity continued into the evening as the party-goers tried to return to assess what was going on and figure out how to get to vehicles without alerting the officers on the scene. 
Fortunately, this party did not end with the same tragic consequences as occurred last year at a party hosted at an Airbnb in Deutschtown. 
This topic will be raised with the Zone 1 officer at the next General Membership Meeting (April 11, 2023), with questions about the event and what, if any, additional actions have been taken by the police. Currently, there are no arrests listed on the Zone 1 police blotter. The Allegheny West Executive Officers are reviewing the event and discussing what options are available to ensure the safety of our neighbors and people visiting the neighborhood.