If you’d like to recognize a neighbor who went above-and-beyond for you or the neighborhood this month please send a note to president@alleghenywest.org or give Cathy a call at (412) 418-2027 and we’ll make sure they’re recognized in the Gazette.

We ran into Carol S. and her mom walking past with bags of weeds and clippings that turned out had come from the garden on Brighton & North. Loved her observation that she caught herself thinking that that “wow, someone should really trim those peonies that were squashed in the rain” quickly followed by “wow, I could take 20 minutes and trim those peonies”.

Michael S. has been a litter fighting MACHINE over the last few weeks. If you felt a little disappointed that Kenny Chesney turned out to be pretty much a non-issue and so you missed out on an opportunity to get snarky about folks from the suburbs, you can thank Michael. He spent that weekend walking around talking to folks, modeling proper behavior by preemptively picking up litter and leading a clean-up so that the neighborhood looks awesome for the tour.

So picture this, Tom B, chaining himself to an Allegheny West light post facing off a group of probably pretty confused electrical workers, until Councilwoman Harris swooped into rescue him (and us). Basically, rather than listen to Fran B explain where the conduit for the light poles was buried in the gutter, the power company, after drilling some random holes in the sidewalk, was planning to put in a “temporary” fix for the Beech Ave lights that have been out for a few weeks. It involved a random telephone pole and very un-decoratively strung wires (all wildly historically inappropriate). Everyone is back to focusing on actually fixing the lights.

“Many hands make light work.”  John Heywood

Nonie sends a big “Above and Beyond” to the committee who worked together for the Memorial Day Block Party. Chairwoman, Mary Callison, Michael Shealey, Trish and John Burton, Gloria Rayman, Howard Brokenbeck, Tom Barbush and Greg Coll (Sorry if I missed anyone). Their efforts gathered many neighbors together to welcome “unofficial summer” to Allegheny West. For those of you who have never helped or chaired this committee, you may not realize how much hard work, mentally as well as physically, is involved. The work begins before the day of the party, and as many of the helpers are aging, the schlepping, hauling and lugging is really a hard task. Nonie hopes that at the next party, those who are on hand could lend a hand during the set-up and clean-up. This would be GREATLY appreciated. It would be terrific to have more people get involved. Again, many thanks to this wonderful committee. For those of you interested in helping with the July 4 party, please contact Mary Callison by e-mail at: callismar@gmail.com.